About 240 to. bar steel permanent in stock
About 160 to. forged, quenched and tempered blanks for headed screws in stock
Automatic and semi-automatic bandsaws
Forging press with a permitted permanent pressure of a maximum of 500 to., max. headed
  screws Ø M 72, max. workpartlength about 600 mm
CNC-turning max. Ø 250 mm, turninglength up to 1.200 mm, conventional max. Ø 400 mm,
  turninglength up to 2.000 mm, hollow clamping devices allow in individual cases longer parts,
  workpiece handling up to max. 250 kg
CNC-milling axis travel max. X 1.000 x Y 550 x Z 500 mm
Thread rolling with various machines of a pressure output from 12,5 to. up to 100 to.
In-house toolmaking with all neccassary machines and equipment
In-house laboratory for destructive and non-destructive testings