July 2015

There´s not just an eventful first half of the year behind DN, but the summer has now fortunately reached us.
We say goodbye in our annual closing from the 10th of August 2015 to inclusively the 21st of August 2015. For immediate cases we have a skeleton crew, which is available under the common contact details or via e-mail
at vertrieb@dreh-norm.de .
From the 24th of August 2015 we will be available for you at the usual times and looking forward to a second half 2015 together.   

June 2014

With an elaborate DN-Stand design, an exhibit range of highest quality and the typical DN motivation we are glad to welcome you at our both exhibition stand in September 2014!
Do you like to get a personal appointment with our exhibition team or do you have any questions?
Please contact us anytime – we look forward to you!

From the 21st of July 2014 to inclusively the 1st of August 2014 DN has an annual closing.

For immediate cases we have a skeleton crew. They are available under the common contact details or via e-mail at vertrieb@dreh-norm.de .

From the 4th of August 2014 we will be available for you at the usual times!

Visit us from the 09th of September to the 12th of September 2014 on the SMM and from the 23th of September to the 26th of September 2014 on the WindEnergy (Hall B5, CCH)

May 2014

We have fun at work!“
This statement was clearly to hear at NDR 1 Welle Nord on the 23th of April 2014:
During some interviews DN was introduced as Germany’s northernmost screw factory, as well as the DN Team. And as it´s right and proper for a radio station the music requests from our team couldn´t be missing.

But we´re not just talking about having fun at work – we also mean what we´re saying!

On the one hand this principle is notable at our products, on the other hand you could be part of it at our both exhibition appearances in September on the SMM and the WindEnergy in Hamburg!
Stay tuned!

We wish our “Youngsters” of the SSV Rantzau soccer, who we also sponsored this season, a successful ending of season!

Visit us from the 09th of September to the 12th of September 2014 on the SMM and from the 23th of September to the 26th of September 2014 on the WindEnergy (Hall B5, CCH)

April 2014

The generation change at DNs moves straightly forward:

So our Miss P. Sztanka undertook the departments marketing, controlling and human resource management in extensive responsibility.

The handover of distribution management to our Mr. F. Sztanka rises every day and will be completely fulfilled during this year.

Congratulations to our Mr. Klatt, who passed his exam to a foreman successful!

Concomitant with this qualification Mr. Klatt undertakes mainly responsible the technical education and conducts the whole area of turning.

The preparations for the SMM and WindEnergy in September 2014 run at full speed. Stay tuned for an exhibition appearance the special way – safe the date, we look forward to welcome you!

We wish the first men team of TSV Uetersen Basketball, which season 13/14 we sponsored, a successful ending of the season in the regional league!

Visit us from the 09th of September to the 12th of September 2014 on the SMM and from the 23th of September to the 26th of September 2014 on the WindEnergy (Hall B5, CCH)

March 2014

There are such two company anniversaries we could proudly announce:
A special thanks goes to Mr. Sergius Kern for 15 years DN!
The next acknowledgement is for Mr. Martin Sztanka, who solemnized his 30th anniversary on the 1st of March 2014!

We look forward to a further fruitful and successful cooperation!

Visit us from the 09th of September to the 12th of September 2014 on the SMM and from the 23th of September to the 26th of September 2014 on the WindEnergy (Hall B5, CCH)

February 2014

Letter of indication – DN exhibits:
From the 09th of September to incl. the 12th of September 2014 DN takes part of the SMM and from the 23th of September to incl. 26th of September 2014 of the WindEnergy Hamburg.

On both exhibition events you´ll find us in hall B5 of the CCH (Congress Center Hamburg).

Get to know Germany´s northernmost screw factory and be exited close to DN!
Our trade fair team looks forward to welcoming you at our stand!


January 2014

DN is zest in action back of the annual closing and wishes his customers, suppliers and all other visitors of his homepage a healthy and successful start in the New Year!

The 20th of December 2013 was at DN not only the last day before annual closing, but also day of discharge our long lasting employee Achim Heier.

Mr. Heier went about 25 years through up´s and down´s with DN, so that we let him go such with much nostalgic feelings in his well-earned retirement.

The whole DN-team wishes Mr. Heier all the best, furthermore health and luck! We already look forward to the announced visits!

A happy event is the successfully completed apprenticeship to a wholesale and foreign trade clerk of Patrizia Sztanka
We´re glad we could take her into an employment contract and look forward to a favorable cooperation!

November / December

A year full of Up´s and Down´s comes to an end:

The year in review shows, that DREH-NORM could register many successful happenings, like bringing the Nishijimax into service, the new dimensions in hot forming or the corporate video!

Simultaneously the general economic situation sets us to a new challenge, which we manage with our strength of purpose and earthiness, but especially with our strong team, so we can continue our road to success.

A special thanks goes to our employee Alexandra Fehrs, who builds an integral part of our team since 15 years!

As well as the years before we abstain from personal Christmas presents. This year we support the organization “Ärzte ohne Grenzen”, which is engaged all around the world, and again the “Stiftung Mittagskinder”, which helps children in Hamburg.

Before we say goodbye to the next year: We have an annual closing from the 23rd of December to inclusively the 3rd of January. In this period our delivery entrance will be closed as well. In important cases you could contact us via email at vertrieb@dreh-norm.de

From the 6th of January we will available for you at the usual times!

Last but not least we wish all our customers, suppliers and visitors of our websites a Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

We look forward to welcome you again in the new year and hope to keep on the fruitful and successful cooperation!


August 2013

The DREH-NORM team is after „summer holidays“ rested and waits with zest in action in the wings for looking forward to your orders!
For active support in realization of your orders we welcome to the 01st of August 2013 heartly our new trainees as office clerks Ms. Kalina Krafft and Mr. René Stawinski, as well as Mr. Torben-Peter Kretschmann as a cutting machine operator, specialization CNC turning technology.

At the same time we´re glad to welcome Mr. Muhamet Abazi, whom we could take into an apprenticeship after his entry qualification.
This delightful event emphasizers again, how important and constructive the installed measures in our educational system are.

We wish all of our training starters a successful duration of training and all of us a pleasant co-operation!

What exactly are you doing?” – this question is often asked to the DREH-NORM team, because how to explain, that the northernmost screw factory doesn´t manufacture screws for the warehouse, but the motto is “the bigger and heavier, the better”?!

To answer this question for our customers, suppliers and all other visitors of our homepages, we have produced a corporate video at the beginning of the year, which you can watch under the menu item “company portrait”.

This video should give you a first impression of our manufacture and array of products.

For requests – as well as your enquiries – our whole team is at your´s disposal!


June 2013

All three, for the upcoming examination registered trainees, have successfully mastered the way:
In the commercial area our Miss Anne Grelck passed her apprenticeship to an industrial clerk with flying colors, as well as our Mr. Timo Forotitschan passed his examination to a specialist on stock holding!
In the industrial sector we congratulate our Mr. Daniel Runge for his passed examination to a machinist!
We´re glad to take them in a permanent employment relationship and hope for a persistent good cooperation!

May 2013

As we announced, the newness of our marketing will take place in the next days – visit us again!
A customized blank tailoring system was launched expand our machinery in operation.
Characteristic for this machine is its revolutionary insertion method, therefore it is possible for us to react better and much more flexible on your express demands for our blank stock with immediate effect.
You´re welcome to contact us for more information!

Even though the summer has not yet arrived, we have from the 15th of July to inclusively the 26th of July an annual closing, because our machines as well as our employees need some rest.

For immediate cases we have a skelton crew. They are available under the common contact details or via e-mail at vertrieb@dreh-norm.de .
As of the 29th of July 2012 we are obtainable again at the usual times!


March 2013

March was an eventful month for DREH-NORM:

On the 11th of March 2013 and the 12th of March 2013 the category TV of the “Norddeutscher Rundfunk”, short NDR, visited us.
The about 10 minutes report for the program “Schleswig-Holstein 18.00 Uhr” gave brief at first an introduction of Germany´s northernmost screw factory.
Afterwards the business manager Martin Sztanka gave some statements about the heavily debated skills shortage.

The short report for “Schleswig-Holstein Magazin”, shown at NDR3 either, was constructed similar.

On the 13th of March 2013 the 2nd Long Night of Industry in the area of the IHK zu Kiel took place and was like former year a complete success:
Despite a decreasing number of attendants, we were able to generate a strong public interest for DREH-NORM.

The catering was carried out of our cooperating non-denominational school of Barmstedt – at this place again many thanks!
Also we enthused the numerous appeared representatives of Barmstedt respectively district Pinneberg and regional politicians by the factory tours for Germany´s northernmost screw factory.

If you´re interested you could find our press releases to this topics in our press review!

In the department advertising media / public relations in addition to the NDR reports some things have changed.

More information when the newness is completed – stay tuned!


February 2013

The future-oriented personal changes move forward:

Congratulations to Mehmet Karaköse for his successful ending of his training to a cutting machine operator – specialization CNC turning technology. We´re glad to get him for a permanent employment!

Our previously machine operator Christopher Reinholdt is strong-willed to qualify his occupation in our house and has begun an apprenticeship to the 1st of February 2013 as a cutting machine operator – specialization CNC turning technology.
We wish him all the best for his apprenticeship!

Furthermore the free workplace as a machine operator must be filled.
For more information please follow this link to the job offer.
If we aroused your interest send us your complete application documents by post or via email to personal@dreh-norm.de

No more waiting:
Thanks to our product development, the working preparation and our toolmaking we involved hex head screws M24/M30/M36 with a maximum length of 950 mm in our manufacturing.
You´re welcome to talk to us for your applications!
Further dimensions in hot forming are in conception.
Also here - stay tuned!

All interested for the “Long Night of Industry” Kiel 2013 can now register at following link
We look forward to many visitors at DREH-NORM!

January 2013

We wish all our customers, suppliers and all the other visitors of our websites a happy new year with good luck, health and success!

At the same time we welcome Hauke Liebau as a duel student in our house – subject area Business Administration.
We look forward to a good and successful cooperation!

Also our willingness to innovate we have taken in the year 2013.
In designing and testing are currently completely new measurement dimensions in hot forming for Dreh-Norm.
We´ll inform you at complete inclusion in our product range.
Stay tuned!

December 2012

„Having and not giving is in some cases worse than stealing. “
(Marie Freifrau von Ebner-Eschenbach; 1830 – 1916; Austrian authoress)
…therefore we decided as every year to administer money to beneficial organisations in place of Christmas presents for our customers and suppliers.

From the 24th of December 2012 to inclusively the 4th of January 2013 Dreh-Norm has an annual closing.

We wish all of our customers, suppliers, employees and visitors of our websites a merry Christmas and a happy new year.

November 2012 / Letter of indication

The “Long Night of Industry”: Dreh-Norm takes part in it again.
On Wednesday, 13th of March 2013, the second “Long Night of Industry” takes place in the area of the IHK zu Kiel.
Announcements can briefly be carried out via www.lange-nacht-der-industrie.de .

October 2012

At the 24th of October 2012 it happened – the contract for “Cooperation school and company” with the non-denominational school of Barmstedt - http://www.grund-und-gemeinschaftsschule-barmstedt.de/start.html was signed.

This cooperation offers an opportunity for scholars to deal with the world of work in time and to gain experiences which they can adopt at their career choice.
Either Dreh-Norm becomes prompt aware of the benefits.
Prospective qualified employees and image were the supporting catchwords.

We look forward to a constructive and good teamwork!

To the article http://www.barmstedter-zeitung.de/nachrichten/lokales/barmstedt/artikeldetails/article/1751/wirtschaft-trifft-schule-wir-versprechen-uns-viel-davon.html.

September 2012

The expansion of our machinery steps forward:
A new saw will be briefly integrated in our manufacture to prospective react even more flexible on requirements of head screws.
Full particulars follow at bringing into service.

August 2012

Apprenticeships beginning 1st of August 2012:
At this point most welcome to Axel Stiemert and Réne Fieber – both would-be cutting machine operator, specialization CNC turning technology.

At the same time we welcome our new employee Manfred Egen as a toolmaker.

July 2012

Congratulations to Sven Schubert for his 15 year jubilee at Dreh-Norm!

From the 16th of July 2012 to inclusively the 27th of July 2012 Dreh-Norm has an annual closing.
For immediate cases we have a skelton crew – they are available under the common contact details or via e-mail at vertrieb@dreh-norm.de
As of the 30th of July 2012 we are obtainable again at the usual times!

June 2012

Congratulations for Tim Wehnke for his passed annual examination as a specialist for warehouse logistics.
We wish all the best for his professional future!

Either we have enlarged our machinery. Our capital additions are a second Gildemeister CTX beta for expanding the capacity in heavy turning and a third Gildemeister CTV for supporting the unmanned nuts- und small part series production.

In the same course we had to restructure our factory layout.
You can follow this soon in our updated digital company tour.

May 2012

Welcome to our new trainee Mehmet Karaköse as a cutting machine operator, specialization CNC turning technology. We adopt him from his former training company in his third year in training.

Sincere thanks goes to Andrej Schnell for being 10 years at the Dreh-Norm team!

The industrial painter Tobias Duwe has visited us for painting our company within a project of the IHK.
For more information: Kunst trifft Industrie im IHK-Bezirk .

Also we were allowed to receive our new certification ISO 9001.

February 2012

The “Long Night of Industry” a project of the IHK zu Kiel was a great success.

About 70 industry fans – from young to old, from scholars to workers to retirees, whether male or female – marvelled at our manufacture.
They were close to the action when our fasteners were forged, our nuts were produced and our threaded rods got their thread.
Especially when our in-plant material testing’s started, the visitors were fascinated and listened attentively to the guides.
At the end of each company tour there was time for a little snack and questions til the Dreh-Norm team was able to pack up work at about 22.30.

At this point huge thanks to all members and the whole Dreh-Norm troop!

A special thanks goes to Igor Lapschin for 15 years staff membership at Dreh-Norm!


December 2011

We wish all our customers, employees, suppliers and all visitors to our website a Merry Christmas and a good start into the new year and may all your hopes and wishes become true.

July 2011

Already at Christmas 2010 the realization of the machinery conception 2011 started:

Because of bringing the high performance circular saw system
„KASTO SPEED C9“ into service, we are also in separation
of material up to date. In order that we have realized in
qualitative as well as in quantitative regard a
quantum leap for our factory to fulfill the
growing demands with glancing at future.



As a result we have put at short intervals three turning center with modern equipment from Gildemeister into operation, which are now completely integrated into the manufacturing process:

One CTX beta-1250 for large volume work pieces, one NEF-400 latest generation, as well as one CTX alpha-500 with counter spindle and bar loader as universal unit for inserts and processing of the rod inclusively back working.
In order that we have not only increased our capacities in the machined factory, but especially by the CTX beta
our options in large size range are extended too.

Even from the business department there are positives things to report:

Three young junior employees completed successfully their vocational training in-house DREH-NORM and are already taken over permanent employments.

We are glad to have strong support from Miss Johanna Heesch, Miss Hannah Mühlenbruch (both Wholesale and Foreign Trade), as well as Mister Siniša Simić (Specialist in warehouse logistics).

Congratulations and all the best for your career at DREH-NORM!

December 2010

On the 20th of December 2010 we are going to begin the introduction of our new ERP software. Because we are going to take a completely IT-changeover, including our number ranges, we hope for your understanding if there should be some small troubles.

We will be available on the 3th of January 2011.

In the next year we want to be even more useful for our customers, but more about this later on our news.

September 2010

At the 30.09.2010 we have expanded
our machinery in the field of integrated
automation production by a second
vertical lathe CTV-160.

On the 04.10.2010 it has started
operation and increases our
capacity in the machinig of nuts
and similar parts.


August 2010

We are able to welcome two new trainees.
Ms Anne Sophie Grelck starts her apprenticeship as an industrial clerk
and Mr Lukas Riedel as an operator.

We wish them every success.


July 2010
After an intensive planning we will start two new projects:
In the end of the year we will introduce a new software for all our business and production processes.
The production area for the machining of forged nuts will be enlarged and additionally automated.

June 2010
Two young people have passed their specialized training at DREH-NORM successfully and now we take both over in a permanent employment. So we welcome Mr Phillipp Prätorius as an operator and Mr Felix Sztanka as a wholesaler
in our team.

May 2010
The biggest series production order in the history of DREH-NORM for studs M 80 x 810 and M 80 x 820 goes into the production planning.

May 2010
The revision of the websites is completed. The new presence goes online.

April 2010
The three trainees in the second year of wholesale and foreign trade as well as inventory administration specialist pass their intermediate examination with results above avarage, partly with 100 of 100 possible points.

DREH-NORM starts operating with a state-to-the-art thread rolling machine with a pressure of 100 to. A nearly two years lasting project phase comes to its end and expands the possible diameter with machines with a pressure from 12,5 to. over 25 to. and 63 to. considerably as well in the continous-flow as in the parting process. March 2010
A further 3-axis vertical turning machine with integrated automation takes up operation.
The first chapter in manless production ends.